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Welcome! This short video on Therapy and Counseling with Ole (http://youtu.be/K3YwSzBbOmw ) will give you some insights that can help you in the process of deciding whether to go to therapy or not. Counseling or psychotherapy is a gift that you can give to yourself. Therapy has the potential for great growth and change. It is an adventure and should always be “your adventure”.

Depressed? Having anxiety? Relationship not going as well as you wish it were? Just not happy with yourself? Feel like you’ve reached a crisis point in your life?

You are not alone. Having these kinds of issues in your life is not unusual. Most people during the course of a lifetime have issues such as the ones mentioned above.

Many people realize that what they’re doing on their own isn’t working anymore, so they seek or want to seek professional help. Taking that first step can be very difficult. Some people are afraid to talk to anyone about their issues.

When the pain or difficulty we are facing becomes bad enough, then we will reach out for help – or should! That’s where I come in.

Life is a Journey

Life is a journey – sometimes, along the way, we stumble and fall – sometimes we lose our way.  Frequently there is neither a guide or someone to just help us up when we have stumbled.  In order to continue on our path we must take risks or we will simply stagnate.  Life changes constantly.  As everything around us changes, so do we – often reluctantly or begrudgingly.   The hope is that as we grow and change we open ourselves to new experiences.  I was 55 years old when I first started riding a motorcycle.  Riding a motorcycle, for me, is much like life – you don’t get anywhere without taking risks.  You learn how to ride and be safe, but you learn that no matter how safe you are, someone out there may not see you.  Life can also blindside you.  You ride a bike that you can handle, you live a life that you can handle.  If you lose control of the bike you can go down, if you lose control of your life, it too can go down.  Having someone there that can help and understand you becomes essential.

My Approaches in Counseling/Psychotherapy

I take a somewhat holistic approach to the person, recognizing the need for the integration and nurturing of the four aspects – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. My foundation in practicing psychotherapy is in Humanistic Existentialism – which basically means I believe each one of us needs to take responsibility for ourselves, recognize our choices and accept the consequences for our actions.

I do use other approaches in my therapy, not just what is popular, but whatever I feel may work in the service of my clients. (We used to call this position  ”eclectic”.)  I hope to provide you with a diverse array of information and approaches to therapy and counseling. So with that in mind, I hope to be offering you a wide variety of articles. If at any time you feel it’s too one sided for you, disagree with an approach, concept, idea or research, please feel free, and I encourage you  to comment.

Therapy Therapy involves risk -  willingness to confront yourself and your issues.  It has the potential for great growth and change.  It is an adventure and should always be “your adventure”.

“Therapy is a gift you give to yourself “.  Therapy should always retain that quality, even when going through painful situations.  Therapy with me can be enlightening and at times difficult.  I will always encourage the best in my clients and support them as they take control of their lives.

I clearly recognize how painful and difficult it can be for you to come into therapy or counseling. I’ve been licensed for over 37 years and because of both my professional and personal experiences, chances are I know exactly what you’re going through.

Let me help you…..

Sessions are usually a 50 minute hour during which critical self examination is essential – what have you brought to your situation?

For more information about the counseling services or to set up an appointment, please call anytime!

Ole von Frausing-Borch, LMFT

Phone: (805) 202-9335

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